HAPPY Globally Foundation

What is HAPPY

HAPPY is cute acronym for : Heart Attack Prevention Program for You.

We are committed to cardiovascular health promotion through mass screening and mass communication, specific to regional and cultural characteristics

  • Social Movement
  • Worldwide projects
  • Free of costs in
    developing nations
  • 15 - 20 % decrease in cardiovascular risk
  • Proven effective
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HAPPY projects

Mass clinical risk profiling and coaching via text messaging

Risk profiling and short personalized advice

HAPPY Germany
Risk profiling and mass communication via commercial

HAPPY Philipines
Risk profiling and coaching of 5000 women to promote heart health

HAPPY Netherlands
Mass risk profiling and coaching via internet

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Dr J. Narula
(founder, chief of Cardiology UC Irvine and editor of JACC).

Dr L Hofstra
(founder and director, Chief of Cardiology at Cardiology Center Netherlands).

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